5 Easy Microwave Recipes For Home

The microwave is one of the most commonly used kitchen appliances in any modern day kitchen. And, it is used in multiple ways in the kitchen apart from reheating the food. The best part about using the microwave is the time that you save.  And surely it’s one of the quickest ways to whip up something different and delightful.

So, if cooking seems like a nightmare or time is a constraint for you or even if you don’t to stir the pot for hours then this could be your best pick. I am sure you’re enticed by the exciting features and all that a microwave has to offer.  In this post, we’re presenting you few easy microwave recipes that you can try at home and enjoy a restaurant like meals at home.

 And, if you’re a beginner in the kitchen, have unanticipated guests, or don’t want to spend too much time stirring the pot, then a microwave is your knight in shining armor. Before you go ahead and try cooking with this, we bring to you a guide to understanding the different variants obtainable in the market, how to use and some actions that will come in close.

With microwave oven, you can make multiple dishes which you can make and these dishes in no time.

 Strawberry Microwave Breakfast Bowl

Buckwheat groats might sound a bit threatening, but they’re an enormous source of comprehensive protein and a great alternative for plain old morning oatmeal. This gluten-free breakfast options chains oats, flax meal, with fiber-rich buckwheat for a delightful meal that can’t be beaten in taste.

 Blueberry Muffin in a Mug

Muffins taste more like cake aren’t correctly a healthy breakfast choice, but this version is certainly an exception. They are made with fresh berries, almond flour, and coconut oil, there’s no need to fight this enticement—dig in!

Miracle Microwave Poached Eggs

Poached eggs are one of the best breakfast options. The best way is to turn a simple breakfast food into a massive pain in the ass. The outdated method needs boiling water, using just enough salt and vinegar, keeping the water whirling at just the apt speed, cracking the egg in a way in simple terms, it’s just too easy to screw up. But the trusty microwave can alter all that: All you require is a microwave-safe bowl, hot water, and a little salt and vinegar. A short zap later, you’ll have the faultless topper for any better breakfast sandwich.

 Microwave Sweet Potato Chips

Are you looking for a little twist on your usual potato chips? Here comes a great recipe to enjoy regular potato chips in a different way. It comes out super elegant not to mention these chips are one of the great ways to test some of the healthy yummy dips.

DIY Microwave Popcorn

To get the delicacies tasting popcorn you don’t need to shell a lot of money with microwave on its easy to make yummiest popcorn and that too in a lot cheaper. You can DIY with a paper bag, corn kernels, and a little tape and enjoy movie night always.

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